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Refurbishment and project management

Your vision your property

You have a vision for your Florida property but where to start? Because only hope is not a strategy. You hear so many stories or have been let down yourself by builders.
Or contractors under delivering on they promises and leving you feeling unhappy. You need a dedicated partner in Florida who can coordinate and oversee any project. Large or small.

Control cost and quality

What is difficult alone is always eased in partnership. Keep costs under control without loss of style. You need one trusted point of contact at director level to take care of any refurbisment project in Florida south east.

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Is not only about money

We don’t just care about making you more money, we care about you. If you are dissatisfied with the current offering from your real eastate or business agents you should not have to feel this way.
If you wish to get a solid grip on your Florida rental returns, increase net rental yields and performance of the asset you are not alone.
Making our clients more money is at the core of the AMC Property Wealth Management new and effective strategies.

Super Efficient

From the start we will present for you first thoughts about your Florida’s investment. Let’s talk about reality, not dreams.

Deeply Commited

We will take of your property from day one. After signing a contract between both parties. Let’s the work begin.

Highly Skilled

The founders of AMC Wealth Mamangment LLC have 14 years of experience in the field of investing and money managment in USA and on international level.

Multinational team of professionals

At AMC Property Wealth Management we speak English, Spanish and Polish.
– We Speak English
– Hablamos Espanol
– Mówimy po polsku

AMC Property Wealth Management, making clients more money, property investment management as it should be.
We can help in any situation and advice on many topics regarding property investment in Florida south east.

multinational team

Let’s work together on your next property investment project

Thinking of next property purchase in south-east Florida? Wandering how much will be your next R.O.I. ? We can help to choose right project investment and guide your through acquisition process.